Our sponsors and brand partners are fundamental to the success of DUCFS.

DUCFS has grown year after year as a result of the generosity of the sponsors, brands and designers that support it. In the past, we have had the privilege of collaborating with world-renowned companies as well as brands and designers that have featured in the pages of Vogue, GQ and Elle magazine. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our past and present partners who have supported us to maximise our charitable donation, and to put on shows which continue to break boundaries and set records.

With our sponsors, we are a team of over a hundred people all working towards the same aim, to set records in raising more money than ever before for this year’s incredible cause.


Collaborating with DUCFS is the most comprehensive way to build your brand influence in Durham and beyond. With 30 executive committee members and 50 models, our team will serve as passionate ambassadors for every partnered brand on campus.


Past Sponsors include:


If you are interested in partnering with DUCFS 2020, please get in contact:

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