Who we are  

Durham University Charity Fashion Show is the largest student fundraising event in the UK. As an organisation entirely led by students, we represent the power and potential of our generation to shake up contemporary attitudes and prompt behavioural change. 

DUCFS is underpinned by 4 fundamental values: collaboration, innovation, altruism and creativity. We believe that these values - when combined and celebrated - have the power to bring about lasting change in our world.

What we do 

Whilst our work culminates in an annual fashion show, we serve as an ongoing platform that celebrates innovative minds and catalyses societal change through the medium of creativity. 

Throughout the year we host a varied schedule of events including arts showcases, discussion panels, networking evenings and club nights. We also publish THREAD magazine, high-calibre photoshoots and videography, all to a collective social media reach of 100,000 people.

DUCFS 2019 Aftermovie: