About Us

Founded in 1983, DUCFS is the UK’s largest student-led fundraising event, based in Durham. As an organisation entirely led by students, DUCFS is underpinned by five fundamental values: inclusivity, collaboration, innovation, integrity, transparency. We believe that these values - when combined and celebrated - have the power to bring about a philanthropic impact to our surrounding communities.

Whilst our work culminates in an annual fashion show with 50 models and over 2,800 guests, we operate as an ongoing platform and campaign throughout the year that celebrates the power of creative philanthropy to catalyse societal change. Throughout the year, we host art showcases, discussion panels, networking evenings and club nights whilst also managing a wide-reaching social media campaign through releasing THREAD Magazine, photoshoots, and videography content.

Our Achievements





National Societies and Volunteer Award 2020 - Local Event Award
£171,000 raised for Stop the Traffik and Fashion Revolution
£150,000 raised for the Environmental Justice Foundation
£106,000 raised for MIND

2021//Mission Statement

As we enter our 38th year of creative philanthropy, our mission for 2021 is to use our platform to encourage a sustainable relationship between technological growth and human connection, inspiring people to use creativity to reconnect with both our digital and physical communities.

COVID-19 has re-defined human connection, and as we move forward we aim to explore how we can use technology to support communities without disconnecting from the present physical reality.