About us

Durham University Charity Fashion Show (DUCFS) is Europe’s largest and most financially impactful student-led charitable event, created to inspire societal and behavioral change through the vehicle of creative philanthropy.
Having raised just under a million pounds in the past five years, DUCFS has transformed into one of the most influential events in the student calendar.
Operating across a year-long campaign, DUCFS hosts art showcases, discussion panels, networking, student recruitment and social events whilst developing a wide-reaching, highly successful social media campaign.
Culminating in a show with over 3,100 guests and 15 partnersour 41st year is poised to be bigger and better than ever.

President’s Letter

Having reflected on 40 years of DUCFS last year, for our 41st year we look to the future. DUCFS is firmly established as Europe’s largest student-led charity fundraising event, having raised £221,000 in our 2022 campaign and over a million pounds in the last six years. Yet, just as we have seen our campaign expand and flourish, we are eager to continue this momentum and take our efforts to even greater heights. It is this upward trajectory that makes our chosen theme for this year, “The Age of Inception”, all the more exciting and relevant. We believe that it is through looking ahead and embracing change that we can make the greatest impact.
Collaboration and partnership are integral to the success of DUCFS’ 2024 campaign in ensuring that we continue to maintain and expand our philanthropical reach. We are keen to forge meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships through our unique, student targeted, 2024 marketing campaign. Therefore, we very much hope that a partnership with DUCFS 2024 is something that both excites and interests you.

The Exec

Presidential Team
President Izzy Sergeant
VP Creative / Creative Director Molly Mihell
VP Logistics Arabella Peak-Smylie
VP Commercial Annabel Cooper
Launchpad Team
Head of Launchpad Pip Crowhurst
Creative Team
Head of Creative Cameron Wylie
Creative Co-Ordinator Katie St-Johnston
Photographer Minie Chan
Photographer Nicholas Chan
Music Director Asha Persaud
Choreographer Ben Miles
Choreographer Erin Kutyla
Makeup Director Anna Pigozne
Fashion Team
Head of Fashion Fleur de Bono
Fashion Director Maddy Grimmond
Fashion Director Janesh Uppala
Fashion Director Saskia Cann
Fashion Director Nkechi Managwu
PR and Marketing Team
Head of PR and Marketing Nina Pietrasienska
PR and Marketing Director (Creative) Annabella Hudson
PP and Marketing Director (Commercial) Hetty McLennan
Logistics Team
Head of Logistics Tilly Howarth
Venue Director Rosie Bishop
Alumni and Strategy Director Annabel Hosking
Model and Student Engagement Co-Ordinator Ella-May Van der Gaag
Thread Team
Head of Thread Lotte Mickelwaithe
Finance Team
Head of Finance Jai Sehmar
Charity & Fundraising Director Chris Weber
Partnerships Team
Head of Partnerships Anais Bravo-Mamona
Financial Partnership Director Georgia Taggart
Financial Partnership Director Eliza Herzog
Product Partnership Director Ella Vorbach
Product Partnership Director Amelia Gore
Events Team
Head of Events Eleanor Pritchard
Events Director (Social and Arts) Sammy Smith
Events Director (Social and Arts) Eve Meakin