We are proud to be partnering with local charity, RTProjects, whose aim is to tackle poor mental health, specifically suicide, in the North East through a range of creative arts, such as painting, drawing, sculpture and much more.
Alongside this incredible charity we will be hosting workshops focusing on mental health and relationship building. These sessions will be in collaboration with our university volunteers aiming to dismantle stigmas around mental health.
Our goal is to use the artwork created in editorial shoots and exhibitions to act as a visual representation of the creative expressions within our local community, to inspire others and illustrate the power of creativity as a means of dealing with mental health struggles.
We are also collaborating on their ‘Never Give Up’ suicide prevention project. That focuses on the ability for conversations to save lives and bring hope to those feeling suicidal. Their ‘Never Give Up Rocks’ campaign aims to promote the ability to save the life of someone you have never met. The appeal leaves decorated rocks around County Durham with a link to mental health support to people at risk. We strive to help this scheme expand and impact a wider span of the community.