2022 Creative Vision- Breakdown

January 13, 2022

As the latest iteration of DUCFS is quickly incoming, many people are often lost when it comes to the creative vision of the show. This year, DUCFS is celebrating individuality. We are in an identity crisis and DUCFS 2022 aims to bring its audience along on a journey of breaking up with our past constructions and embracing our authentic selves. 

The journey is split up into eight stages. The first four stages are focused on encouraging us to outgrow and reflect upon our previous definitions. This first stage of the show is not necessarily a negative atmosphere. It is only when we can understand how we have been confined by identity labels that we can develop out of them. 


The first walk contextualises the show’s exploration of identity. It explores the human desire to DEFINE our identity. Identity in our society is entrapped within labels and this walk speaks to our desire to expand our identity past the confines of our present image. As we progress into OUTGROW, we must tussle with our individual identity as it attempts to break through the constrictions of existing classifications. It may be a moment of discomfort and difficulty and yet underneath there grows an awareness of future growth. As we move towards the lowest pitch of the show, we must REFLECT on our past self. Reflection can be an isolating and dark act but it is upon the debris of the past that we can evolve into the possibilities of the present. The final walk of the first half, DETACH signifies the beginning of the growing lightness and colour of the show. Moments of self-reflection encourage an exploration of identity. The emerging light associated with the walk speaks to how momentary detachment creates an awareness of the unnecessary confines often placed upon our identity.

The second part of the show is focused on the growth we can find when we no longer restrict ourselves to our previous identities. To be authentic to ourselves we must continue to grow and evolve. We must embrace every unique facet of ourselves. It is with this all encompassing acceptance of our identity that we can be effective members of our communities. 


The show recommences with a period of discovery. It will present a myriad of avenues open for you to EXPLORE. Exploring new possibilities allows us to expand our identity past its previous definitions. The walk symbolises the freedom which awaits after the reclaiming of our individual identity. Individual identity craves connection and the power of individual identity sparks brightness when we INTEGRATE into communities which identify with us. Connection brings us new pathways and new sanctuaries. The penultimate walk is a moment of openness. To reveal your authentic identity marks a moment of release. REVEAL is a celebration of openness, identity and the vulnerability entangled within. The final walk of the show marks the moment we EMBRACE our identity and reinsert ourselves into our communities. With a newfound truthfulness to our identity, we no longer fear the risk of constraint when re-entering our communities. The brightest walk of the show, EMBRACE is a triumphant moment of celebration. 

DUCFS is first and foremost a community. This is a journey we aim to partake on together. To be able to find our place within our communities we must first be aware of our personal identity. We hope you join us in this experience. This is DUCFS 2022 and we are tackling an #identitycrisis.