DUCFS has for years been the most prominent creative platform within Durham University, and 2020 will be no exception to this legacy. We seek to connect and communicate with a wide-ranged audience using the universal language of creativity to do so. This year, DUCFS looks to restore a voice to workers whose rights have been breached and remain in positions of disempowerment.

The fundamental image for this year’s creative vision is a production line, which is portrayed throughout our campaign in the form of a straight double line. A production line limits its workers to a regimented role with a singular function, acting as a mere cog in a much larger mechanism This imagery accurately represents the wider problem within many sectors of today’s faceless workforce. As we unconsciously move towards a mechanised world that centres around industrialisation, our society is progressively losing sight of the importance of individual identity and culture. 

DUCFS 2020 seeks to throw a spanner in the works by addressing the robotic rhythm of many workers’ lives. Our vision will unfold over the year as a chaptered novel, revealing the unsafe work environments, illegal working hours, and mental and physical abuse that so many workers are subjected to.

So, we invite you to join DUCFS 2020 in our movement towards a more dynamic world, where workers’ autonomy is rightfully restored, as we make a collective effort to #shapeshift.