DUCFS X SCOOP: Our Favourite Sustainable Finds

Ahead of our clothes swap in collaboration with Scoop, we asked the DUCFS and Scoop exec’s for their favourite sustainable finds. From depop and charity shop finds, sustainable small-business or even clothes on permanent loan from their mum’s closet, keep reading to get a taste of the incredible gems that can be found second-hand, and the beautiful memories that come with them!

Name: Alize AK 
Scoop Role: Head of Local and Business relations 
Favourite sustainable find: Heart locket necklace 
Where? A flea market in Slovenia 
‘I randomly came across this Sunday flea market when I was strolling in Slovenia. The owner of the stall was a lovely man telling the story behind every item he was selling. I immediately was drawn to this locket as it looked like it had a story behind it. He told me that this locket was one of this oldest pieces of jewellery and that it symbolised commitment and love. I haven't taken it off since getting it from him.’ 

Name: Will Mcneilly 
DUCFS Role: Head of Sponsorship
Favourite sustainable find: SOS ski jumpers 
Where? Mum and Dad 
‘My mum met my dad when he was her ski guide on a mates trip, they went on one of their first hols together back to the same resort and bought the same SOS ski jumpers in different colours, I now have inherited both :) 

Name: Louise Cazenave
Scoop Role: Shop floor manager 
Favourite sustainable find: Striped wide leg trousers
Where? DUSEF x SCOOP sale / M&S
‘I found them at the DUSEF sale a couple of weeks back and they've become my favourite pair of trousers ever! I actually think I wear them too much!’

Name: Georgina Feltham-White
DUCFS Role: Photographer
Favourite sustainable find: SinSkins reworked mixed media jeans
Where? Moreriot on instagram - a sustainable art-wear brand that is contributed to by a variety of artists
‘During lockdown a lot of artists were unable to make money through galleries/showings etc. and so a lot turned to art production (e.g. making clothes, jewellery, cards, prints etc). Moreriot is an art-wear brand that blossomed under lockdown, encouraging artists to produce unique and sustainable wearable art. Sin Skins is one artist who bulk buys used, old and often really unique designer brands and creates one of a kind jeans using graffiti, mixed textile and acrylic.’ 

Name: Kat Gresswell
Scoop Role: Co-president Favourite
Favourite sustainable find: Ball dress
Where? Charity shop
‘I really wanted to find a second hand dress for my college summer ball last term and was struggling to find a nice one that fitted.  A week or so before the ball I came across a lovely pale greens strapless dress in a charity shop in London. It fitted perfectly but had a few tears and stains which I wasn't sure I could fix. As it was only £5 I decided to buy it and see what I could do. After dry cleaning, sewing & some strategic placement of the material I managed to make it look as good as new.’ 

Name: Jeanie
DUCFS / Scoop Role: Videographer 
Favourite sustainable find: Grey checkered blazer
Where? Kilo sale!
‘Went to a Kilo Sale in Newcastle when my friends from home came to visit and we found this amazing vintage blazer with lush shoulder pads,  I paid and then later on found the old Burberry tag on the insides and was so glad I got it’   

Name: Diya Sachar
DUCFS / Scoop Role: Graphic designer 
Favourite sustainable find: Tiger's eye ring
Where? Vintage instagram shop (@thephatcherub)
‘This student in the UK runs a vintage insta shop and I love everything she sells but its all sells out so quick. For my birthday I managed to get one of her vintage rings. It's absolutely stunning and I wear it literally everyday.’

Name: Kasinia Wetter-Sanchez
DUCFS / Scoop Role: Marketing Director / Head of Socials 
Favourite sustainable find: Silver trench coat
Where? LAAGAM‘Laagam
'LAAGAM'Laagam is an incredible small business in Barcelona. They drop new designs every Wednesday and exhibit them on twitch. If enough orders are placed they then put the item into production in Barcelona. The customer is aware of every stage of production - Laagam believes in transparency both in terms of supply chain and sustainability.’ 

If you are interested in finding your next sustainable gem - make sure you come along to DUCFS X Scoop’s clothes swap this Thursday at Revolution, Durham. Please drop off the clothes you are willing to swap at Scoop today (12-3pm) or on Wednesday (12-5pm) to receive your tokens to use at the swap.

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