Humans of DUCFS: Daisy Shepherd Cross

We sat down with one of the faces of DUCFS 2019, Daisy Shepherd Cross, to discuss her experiences as a first year model, her summer and her style. 

How did becoming one of the faces of DUCFS begin for you - were you scouted? 

I had heard about the Durham fashion show before I even joined the uni but I never thought I would have the guts to audition, but I then got scouted at the freshers fair and thought I may as well try! I was convinced that the audition went terribly though so was very surprised to have been given a place. 

How was it modelling as a first year; were you given guidance by the more seasoned models?

The bunch of first years that modelled were given lots of advice and support from the other years. We had socials before the rehearsals started where they really took us under their wings and were so friendly and welcoming. 

Daisy and the Gang.jpeg

What was the piece of clothing you most distinctly remember wearing? 

It was a piece for my first walk by a designer called Jessica Purdie, who makes dresses out of cattle feedbags. When I first saw it at the fittings I wasn’t sure how I would be able to pull it off or make it elegant but once we were all lined up in her collection, each piece complimented each other and felt very glamorous.

Did you have a particular ‘oh, wow’ moment?

You get an ‘oh wow’ moment every time you go onstage and the whole audience erupts. The volume in the arena is deafening - for one of my walks I had to stand on stage right next to the speaker, and the floor would vibrate on every beat drop. You just have to concentrate on keeping a straight face and not falling over. 

Did you ever feel a little overwhelmed by the whole experience? 

The first ever meeting is pretty intimidating as you go around the room introducing yourself one by one - just being in a room with so many good looking people is overwhelming in itself!

3_Daisy Profile.jpeg

Was there a look that you really loved or resonated with you? 

I adored the Aleksandra Seweryniak clothing, although I didn’t get to wear it. I think it’s so elegant and sophisticated - rumour has it that one of the pieces was seen on the front cover of Vogue just a few weeks before DUCFS!

What was your favourite walk?

The Crash, being the biggest walk with about 27 of us (only three of us being girls) was as you can imagine, a lot of fun. The choreography was really powerful, especially as we were all in grungy, gothic outfits, and I didn’t have to wear heels which was a real bonus. 

What was your favourite shoot? 

The headshots were nerve-racking but also really fun as you got a time slot alone with the exec and they tried to capture an image that summed you up. I have terrible balance but was asked to squat on top of a stool, which proved quite challenging. 

4_Daisy Catwalk.jpeg

How did you practice your walk? 

Walking in heels was probably the most frightening part about it, as I am quite tall and would never usually wear heels - especially not 6 inch heels! Luckily we had lots and lots of rehearsals and I would try and wear my heels on the day around the venue as much as possible.

What was the best thing about modelling for DUCFS? 

The atmosphere backstage was so empowering. In the girls dressing room, everybody was supporting and complementing each other and there was so much self-love. We had to pump each other up before going out on stage and all created such strong bonds. 

What has been inspiring you recently? 

I felt really inspired when I was up at the Fringe in Edinburgh, where everywhere you look there’s another person quirkier than the next. It made me want to be more experimental with my style, but my main source of inspiration comes from my friends as we are constantly living out of each others wardrobes. 

Where have you been this summer?

I’ve travelled the lengths of the UK this summer, from Cornwall to Edinburgh (with a pit stop at Durham for resits). I’ve also been to the slightly more exotic South of France and Sweden. 

How would you describe your style this summer?  

I am usually dressed head to toe in black but this summer I’ve been trying to lighten up my wardrobe. My style is based on comfort, but I have swapped my trackies for a pair of puddle jeans as they are less scruffy. I also invested in a pair of clogs upon my trip to Sweden and cannot recommend enough - way more comfortable than they look and also pretty funky.

We are currently scouting for models and announcements will be made soon regarding auditions. 

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