February 6, 2020

DUCFS 2020 Head of Marketing, Caragh Taylor, gives a rundown of the 2020 show nights which raised an unprecedented £171,000 for STOP THE TRAFFIK and FASHION REVOLUTION.

We are so excited to announce that DUCFS 2020 has raised an unprecedented £171,000 in support of our two chosen charities, Fashion Revolution and STOP


The show unfolded over three nights, an immersive creative spectacle which carried the audience through our chaptered creative vision. We were so grateful to have our drinks reception sponsors, Aloha 65 and Red Bull offer up fabulous cocktails in the welcome pavilion, with the work of artists Alexei Davies and Solomon Pietre lining the walls, and Jake de Glanville and めりっさ(Mel) providing pre-show entertainment in the main arena (you can listen to some of their work here). 

DUCFS 2020 opened with a powerful charity video produced by Ed Whelan and Cameron Pulham of Keylight Studios and narrated by our President, which outlined the current situation throughout global supply chains in our contemporary society, and the key objectives of our creative and charity campaigns, both of which aim to shed light on exploitation in widespread industries, and how we – and our generation more broadly – have the power to bring about culture change and lead a collective #shapeshift.       

“We… have the power to bring about culture change”

Progressing from our opening walk, THE ROOT, to our closing walk, THE REVIVAL, DUCFS 2020 explored first the positions of disempowerment many workers embedded within supply chains find themselves in which leave them voiceless, moving ultimately to celebrate the individuality of humanity and the power of creativity. We were lucky to have so many talented and ethical designers showcased on our catwalk, worn by our striking and passionate models.

The DU Ballet Company provided a haunting performance, backdropped by shades of blue which persisted through the pre-interval walk, THE SILENCE, which also featured a moving acoustic performance of Tom Odell’s Magnetised by the talented Ed Chambers as models donning the powerful masked collections of designers Rachel Mansfield and MATH glided down the DUCFS runway. 

Our three presenters, Louis, Alex and Brandon, provided cracking entertainment, raising unprecedented funds through the auction. We were lucky to have such amazing prizes gifted, ranging from a DUCFS x Cassandra Goad pendant to a day of summer sailing with unlimited Pimms to a week’s stay in a Budapest apartment.   

Our very own model and poet Charlie Spence brought a voice to THE RESTORATION, reading out his own emotive words backtracked by The Chemical Brothers’ Galvanized (SOUNDS OF DUCFS PLAYLIST), and Troupe, as always, provided an impressive performance. The Get Down, with a special appearance by the renowned and talented alum Zach Fox rounded off the show on a high note, with the swimwear walk, THE REVIVAL, celebrating the power of dynamic originality embedded within humanity.   Designs featured on the runway ranged from highly-conceptual (Celine Zara’s collection featured distinctive metal structures) to fundamentally accessible, with Mima Price’s amazing upcycled denim as showcased in THE PACE being
available to purchase on Depop ( funkyard_mimaprice ). 

Thank you so much to everyone who attended the show – without your support and willingness to engage with our cause and campaign, the show could not have been the immersive, moving experience it was. Your energy was unrivalled, and your enthusiasm for creativity and charity only serves to reinforce that we have the power to change our world. To change our culture and make the world a better place. 

“We have the power to change our world - to change our culture and make the world a better place.” 

But we are not done yet; our fundraising event TRACKED in collaboration with DUCK will see multiple teams’ race from Durham to Paris over the weekend commencing 28th of February. We also have a soon-to-be-released podcast series as well as a print edition of THREAD in the pipeline. Our collaborative charity campaign in collaboration with STOP THE TRAFFIK and Fashion Revolution will be launched in the coming months. 

Thank you for making 2020 the best year for DUCFS yet: we are forever grateful for your support and are so excited to share the unfolding impact the funds raised over the course of the last six months are set to have.


We are so appreciative for the help provided by all of our show volunteers, as well as our amazing team of makeup artists and hair stylists who made this fashion spectacle a fully-fledged reality.  We would of course like to say a huge thank you to all of our main sponsors, without whom the show itself and our exceptionally filled tables wouldn’t have been possible;

Aloha 65
Red Bull
Domino’s Durham
Remedy Drinks
Little Moons
Pipers Crisps
Emily Crisps
Rebel Kitchen 
Flower White 

And to all of the skilled designers who provided their striking collections;

Alejandra Herrera
Greg Brears
Fola Adeleke
Stacey Wall
Daniel Crabtree
Celine Zara
Annalisa Atkinson
Olivia Humphrey 
Khenan Morgan 
Abigail Stanyer 
Lauren Mee  
Abigail Stanyer
Lauren Mee
Georgia Rayner
Ruje Aktar
Ashleigh Spooner
Rachel Mansfield 
Yiewei Wu
Lili Zhao
Olubiyi Thomas 
Daisy Yu
Elin Holm 
Yiming Wang
Ieva Skikaite
Margaret Sam
Pangea Kali Virga 
Etta Lathan Pons 
Namei Gustavsson
Brenda Fang Kuoh
Edge O Beyond
Vana Europe
Tucca Swim
Gyko Swim

Photography credits to VIVID MEDIA HOUSE.