Humans of DUCFS - Our 2020 Models

January 28, 2020

With just two days to go until the opening night of DUCFS 2020, we thought we’d give you a bit more of an insight into the process that went into selecting the DUCFS 2020 models! Each of the wonderful models you’ll spot on the catwalk this year was selected to participate in the show for their amazing dedication to our charitable cause and engagement with the creative vision, and their shared desire to push for a better fashion future and a better, more ethical world more broadly.

Model selection has, for years, been an ambiguous – perhaps even taboo – topic, both in terms of university fashion shows and in the wider fashion industry as a whole. Now, more than ever before, brands and magazines are taking steps to improve the lack of diversity and perpetuation of negative attitudes towards unrealistic body image that have unfortunately impacted upon the industry up until now, but there is still so much to be done. 

For DUCFS, model selection is undoubtedly one of the most difficult parts of the organisational process. Choosing 50 models from an overwhelming 400 applicants (all of whom were so driven and passionate about being involved) is no easy task. This year, the creative team hosted 26 hours of auditions and then spent upwards of 12 hours considering each individual who had auditioned to be a part of the DUCFS movement carefully, considering what they would individually bring to DUCFS as a platform and evaluating whether their principles and motivations aligned with the wider movement, whilst also considering whether being a DUCFS model is in their best personal interest.  

For us, awareness of our chosen charities and creative vision is a fundamental quality all of our chosen models share. The models are the face of the charitable and creative vision, and they are all as passionate as the exec about the cause we’re doing all of this for. We celebrate the diverse, striking individuality of our wonderful models, both in terms of their personalities and outward appearances, because it is this very individuality that makes DUCFS
the vibrant, energised movement it is.  

All of our models are incredibly talented, engaged with our charitable cause, and beautiful because of their philanthropic desire to bring about change and push for a better world. Throughout our campaign, the models play a vital role as ambassadors for both DUCFS and our chosen charities, Fashion Revolution and STOP THE TRAFFIK. At our DUCFS WKND earlier this month, every model was involved in some capacity over the course of the weekend: some set up D- pop shops, others donated their clothing and their time to our clothes swap, all advocating for a culture-shift towards a more sustainable, ethical approach to fashion.

Others showcased their artistic talents by performing at our arts showcase. Many of our models have also been carrying out independent fundraising, setting up their individual Just Giving pages or taking advantage of their own personal interests and organising workshops, ranging from surfing to salsa classes.

As a platform that prides itself on a forward-thinking approach to society’s most pressing issues, we recognise that there are always ways in which we can improve and encourage a more diverse fashion industry. DUCFS has radically changed its approach to model selection in recent years, but our goal is to now expand beyond this, educating the wider student body on the fantastic individuality of our models; they are not only the faces, but also the souls behind various elements of DUCFS.

"They are not only the faces, but also the souls behind various elements of DUCFS."

DUCFS is comprised of 81 individuals (exec and models), and each and every one of the people involved is working closely together towards a more ethical fashion future, fundraising for our respective charities and making the show itself the spectacle of creativity it continues to be. We are so excited for the 2020 show, and for you all to see the continued passion, creativity and dedication of our exec and models not just this weekend, but indeed over the coming months and years.

Thank you so much to everyone who auditioned to be a part of DUCFS this year.
We are so excited to see you at the 2020 show!   

Edited by Caragh Taylor.