Creative Community - Our 2020 Artists

October 15, 2020

Now, more than ever, it feels important to seek inspiration, and to reflect on what motivates and energises us. It might feel difficult to make a difference in the world in this current moment, but we can use creativity as a means of conceptualising change from our own homes.

Gabriel Lewis at the DUCFS ARTS SHOWCASE.

Thinking about becoming a DUCFS Creative? Last year, we showcased the work of an array of amazing artists throughout our 2020 events series. This year, the spotlight on our Creatives will be ever-more through a digital lens, presenting you with the opportunity to showcase your work across all of our digital platforms, alongside meeting like-minded creatives. Whether you’re a keen writer of poetry, a videographer, a photographer or an artist, we want to celebrate your creative talent.

We spoke to two of the artists whose work we showcased in 2020 – Gabriel Lewis and Solomon Pietre– about creativity and inspiration. You may recognise their work – Solomon’s paintings lined our 2020 DRINKS RECEPTION walls, and Gabriel’s hung in the beautiful Chad’s Courtyard at our 2020 ARTS SHOWCASE. We asked only two questions;


Solomon Pietre

Solomon Pietre at the DUCFS 2020 DRINKS RECEPTION

"How can creativity change the world?"

Creativity is embedded in our human nature. We rely on creativity to reform our world whether it be political, technological or aesthetical. It is a necessary condition for progress in schools of thinking; the process of reforming or reconstructing an old mode of thought with the more efficient, able and sustainable solution. Revolutions are only possible when there is a mass consciousness of a reforming idea. In order to communicate to the mass consciousness, a modern social ideology, the modes of creativity such as art, music and media are necessary. Creatives use these modes to produce visceral expressions of the modern ideology which put across a radical modern way of thinking. This sudden contrast between the revolting idea and the ideology of the society is interesting, as the modern is expressed as something foreign and uncanny yet over time it shapes and becomes symbiotic with the very fabric of society, it attempts to correct. We see examples in history, such as the work of Eugene Chevreul, in which modern ideas contrast the thinking of society, but once gaining communal acceptance lead to a revolution in the very day to day thinking of a society or individual.

Solomon Pietre

"What inspires you?"

Creating my magnum opus.


Gabriel Lewis

"How can creativity change the world?"

Perhaps the most significant thing that creativity, or more specifically painting and sculpture, can do is elevate the human and give those who look at pictures and sculptures a greater clarity concerning their own situation and empathy towards that of others. Beautiful and well-crafted painting, sculpture, architecture, and music, particularly those forms which seek to reflect the human, has an uplifting influence on people. Creativity probably cannot change the world, but skilfully crafted visual, musical and architectural compositions can make it amore endearing place to live in.

Gabriel Lewis

What inspires you?

My main inspirations are other painters, historic and living, literature, and nature. Odd Nerdrum is a contemporary classical painter in whose studio I studied in the spring of 2019, and his work, technique and philosophy exert a considerable influence over my painting. Amongst the old masters, my greatest inspirations are the late works of Rembrandt and Titian and the large narrative compositions of Caravaggio. I am also interested in the dramatic landscapes of Turner, Claude and Vernet as well as nineteenth century academic painters such as Leighton, Bouguereau, Solomon and Waterhouse.

Gabriel Lewis

The power of creativity is undeniable. Inspiration is still to be found within ourselves and within the work of others. Join our 2021 network of creatives. To apply, email with the following information:

Your name, year and college

A portfolio of your form of art (poetry, paintings, designs, graphics, videography etc)

And a 250 word statement explaining your motivations for applying and why you want to be a part of DUCFS 2021

Edited by Caragh Taylor.