Black Lives Matter Resources For University Students

June 4, 2020

We know that DUCFS is a platform where the majority of team members have for years been from the non-BAME community. Many of us will never understand, but we want to stand together. We need to educate ourselves, listen and reflect. We have put together this non-exhaustive list of some of the resources we, as a team, have been using for everyone to make use of - because everyone has a place in this movement.

Mental health/welfare resources for the BME community: 

Check out these self care tips for activists from Therapy For Black Girls Podcast Session 46
with @healasista. If you have not had a chance to listen yet, click the link in our bio or visit Tell us how you're taking care of yourself.


Further links:

Resources for the Non-BME community:

Racial Injustice Toolkit for Asian/Asian American Community
Racial Injustice Toolkit for White People
Racial Injustice Resource for Latinx Community
Implicit Racial Bias Test
Why is My Curriculum White? (Video from UCL) 
How to support POCs in work places

How to help in the uk:

Read on writing to your local MP
Read on Racial Inequality in the UK:

Sign the Petition to defund police in the US 
Join the campaign to stop police brutality

Financial breakdown of Allyship (credit: Liza Hafner) 

Black Lives Matter Donation Breakdown

*It is important to stay up to date on which charities and bail funds are in need of donations. By 3/6/20, the Minnesota Freedom Fund has asked donations to be streamlined to Black Visions Collective, Reclaim the Block, and Northstar Health Collective. Charities and funding groups in need will change over time; please stay up to date to ensure that you can donate in the most effective way.

Societies and resources within Durham University: 

Durham People of Colour Association (@dpoca)
Durham Intersectional Feminism Society
Durham African and Caribbean Society (@durhamacs)
Purple Radio Podcast - Newsfeed with Max Kendix, 29.5.20 (44.39 - Conversation with Jesse Bakare)

Some further resources: