5 Staples to Have in your Wardrobe

November 7, 2020

Slow Fashion is a movement that anyone can join and a good way to start is by building a capsule wardrobe.

The craze of the capsule wardrobe began in 2014 and with a minimalist aesthetic on the rise recently the concept has resurfaced. A capsule wardrobe is the type of wardrobe that contains a small number of staple items that can be thrown together with ease. Building a capsule wardrobe is not only a sustainable approach to fashion but also makes getting dressed in the morning a much easier task. I mean, we have all had those “I have nothing to wear” kind of mornings even when our wardrobes are bursting with multiple versions of the same thing.

Every piece you buy should have a long lifespan. Buying season-less and timeless staples is an amazing way to achieve this. Quality over quantity should be the motto.

All the staples listed below can be worn all year-round, in combination with an endless variety of pieces and from casual university days to even graduate job interviews. I think it also has to be mentioned as many of the people reading this will be students living in their overdraft. Buying fewer, staple items is great for the budget.

My favourite brands forhigh quality, ethical and sustainable staples are COS and Arket.

1.    White shirt

A white shirt is perhaps the most essential item mentioned in this list. Whether worn over a bikini in the summer or layered with jumpers in the winter, the white shirt is definitely a wardrobe must-have.

For a more sustainable option keep your eye out for organic cotton shirts, produced without toxic chemicals.

Arket Relaxed Polin Shirt (£55)

2.    Blue jeans

A pair of blue jeans will last you a lifetime. But it is important to pick a timeless style.

Denim is one of the biggest polluters of the fashion industry. It has been reported that it takes about 8,100 litres of water to produce a single pair of jeans. Have a look onwww.rokit.co.uk for second-hand options or look out for brands with initiatives that aim reuse water (e.g. Levi’s Water-Less initiative).

Rokit Vintage Levis 501 Straight Leg Jeans (£45)

3.    Midi skirt

The midi skirt is a year-round essential. Not only do they look amazing worn with boots through the autumn and winter, but also when worn with sandals and trainers in the summer.

Whistles Elephant Print Bias Cut Skirt (£85)

4. Black dress

As noted by Net-a-porter, ‘the LBD is a crucial part of a really great closet.’ A black dress is the perfect combination of elegant and effortless.

COS Dress with Gathered Panels (£79)

5. Gold hoops

A timeless accessory. They can make any outfit just that little bit better.

Missoma Lucy Williams Gold Chunky Entwine Hoops (£89)

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