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Your donation will contribute towards a sustainable, innovative, and social impact-driven partnership that harnesses both creative and technological brilliance in partnership with Create (Arts) and 3 SIDED CUBE. Donate either by clicking one of the links or buy purchasing one of our packages.
Create (Arts) works with the most marginalized in our society to empower them through the creative arts and help them overcome social barriers to gain a sense of community.
3SC specialise in "tech for good" and we are working with them to elevate and expand Create's digital capabilities, further empower lives through creative mediums, and fund Create projects in the North East.
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TEXT DUCFS5 or DUCFS10 to 70085
Text to Donate!
TEXT DUCFS5 or DUCFS10 to 70085
Text to Donate!
TEXT DUCFS5 or DUCFS10 to 70085
Text to Donate!
TEXT DUCFS5 or DUCFS10 to 70085

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Raffle Ticket

Purchase a ticket to have a chance of winning a range of prizes: including a guaranteed table at the one of our show nights! Includes a free custom DUCFS phone backer.
£ 2.00 GBP

Phone Backer

DUCFS custom sticky phone card holder. All proceeds go to support Outreach programmes with the Durham community in partnership with local charitable organisations.
£ 3.00 GBP

DUCFS Membership

Support our campaign for Create in partnership with 3SC and receive a variety of rewards and only benefits including discounted tickets. Includes a FREE phone backer!
£ 5.00 GBP

Local Community Impact

Support our new outreach organisation to have an impact close to home. Projects are run by student volunteers in partnership with local and professional organisations.
£ 10.00 GBP

Social Inclusion

Create Arts supports a wider variety of truly amazing people who are working hard to reduce marginalisation and foster social inclusion through the creative arts.
£ 20.00 GBP

Technological Innovation

3 Sided Cube specialises in “tech for good” and works with global organizations to digitize and enhance their services and impact millions of lives.
£ 50.00 GBP

Arts Materials Package

Help support Create’s workshops. £25 could buy art materials for an adult carer like Anne to take part in a visual arts project.
£ 25.00 GBP

Creative Expression

£50 could buy pottery materials and paints to help an isolated older persons like express themselves and meet others.
£ 50.00 GBP

Support Young Minds

£100 could buy a photography kit to help a young carer like Abi explore her creativity and take a break.
£ 100.00 GBP
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