Join us in our first ever DUCFS Live virtual panel discussion with the driving forces behind Create and 3 Sided Cube, where we will be exploring the relationships between the creative and technological worlds as they become increasingly symbiotic.

Technological development and digitalisation has been imperative to keeping the world’s cogs turning. What effects is this having on creativity? How can we capture the power of both creativity and technology to tackle societal issues, and what challenges are being met along the way? Nicky and Rich both seek positive social change with their organisations - Nicky energizing the power of creativity with Create, and Rich activating the power of technology. We look forward to delving into how this all connects, and the questions that we need to keep asking ourselves as humanity becomes further entwined with technology.

As COVID-19 swept across the globe, business was thrown into the unknown, and digitisation became crucial to retail survival. But is technology in business more than just an answer to social distancing? What lies ahead, and could it hold the answers to the fast fashion crisis? Inevitably, technological developments invite a plethora of questions and even more answers as they lead society into new territory. Three brilliant minds from IBM join us from across the world to unpack the technological future of the retail industry and sustainability, bringing years of expertise to the table. Come along to partake in this ever-expanding conversation!
Know that you want to be a more sustainable shopper, but not sure where to start? In our last episode of DUCFS LIVE, we look forward to hearing about Hasna and Rory's journey from studying trade and finance, to leading the way in Fashion Technology. Bringing strategy to the chaotic worlds of our wardrobes, Hasna will also be offering practical advice for how we can genuinely revamp our habits for the best. Rory will be discussing fashion technology, innovation and collaborations in the second half of the webinar.

Hasna is the Founder and CEO of Save Your Wardrobe, a platform designed to make it easier than ever before to be a sustainable consumer. Born and raised in Tunisia, Hasna grew up amongst values of circularity, and was shocked by the contrasting habits of consumers and retailers in the UK. With passion for circularity and fashion, and experience in Economics and Corporate Strategy, Hasna and her co-founder, Mehdi Doghri have been changing the game of fashion technology.Save Your wardrobe is an app which uses AI based technology to digitise your wardrobe, providing you with invaluable analysis and organisation, and much more. The app also curates an ecosystem of services, such as eco-dry cleaning, repair and alteration services, upcycling guides and second hand shopping. It’s an innovative and circular business model using technology to support both our own consumer experience, and protect the very world we consume from!

Rory Hugill is an Innovation Analyst at Fashion For Good in Amsterdam. Fashion For Good as an organisation aims to transform the fashion industry from its linear ‘take-make-waste’ model to a circular Good Fashion approach that is restorative and regenerative by design. Innovation lies at the core of FFG matching small scale innovators with their corporate partners including adidas, Stella McCartney and Zalando. With Fashion for Good at the forefront of the transformation of the fashion industry, Rory brings immense knowledge to this discussion of fashion, sustainability and responsibility.

Most of us have best intentions at heart, but when it comes to actually changing our habits there’s a myriad of information out there and it becomes overwhelming to know where to start. Make sure to join Hasna, Rory and DUCFS for our last LIVE episode.

We know of the importance of sustainable, ethical fashion practices, and globally we are talking about it more than ever before! But still, consumers consume too much, producers produce too much. So who and what really hold the power to make genuine change for the better?In this episode of DUCFS Live, we explore fashion sustainability with Eco Age and Refashion The Future to tackle questions of corporate versus social responsibility. Should we be focussing energy on retailers, producers, policy makers or consumers? How can we distinguish between brands taking real responsibility, and greenwashing? This panel discusses what steps we really need to take to protect the earth. Join us as we investigate: who is responsible anyway?

Fiona is a Sustainability Consultant at Eco-Age. Eco-Age is a consultancy company that specialises in communications, digital and technical sustainability. She works in the technical sustainability team and supports brands on identifying key impact areas and implementing projects and initiatives to address these.She graduated from Edinburgh University with a First-Class BA Hons in Fashion. Fiona focused on sustainability throughout her degree, creating her Graduate Collection using sustainable principles, utilising waste and challenging the conventional, impactful practices of the fashion industry. Her collection won the Vivienne Westwood Ethical Award at Graduate Fashion Week 2016.

Maddie Pope is the founder of Refashion The Future, a successful Durham-based digital platform dedicated to all things sustainable and ethical fashion. Maddie believes that our generation has not been given the educational resources to fully recognise and act upon the impact that the fashion industry has, not only on the natural environment but also on the underpaid and overworked garment workers in the supply chain. Maddie’s vision for RTF is to create a digital platform which provides people with the essential information to encourage anyone who comes across it to engage in sustainable and ethical consumption.