"Unlike any other opportunity at Durham"

Pippa Tatton-Brown, President

DUCFS was undoubtedly the highlight of my university experience. As a fourth year coming back to Durham after the majority of my friendship group had left, I was sceptical about the experience I’d have. DUCFS has provided me not only with a challenging, rewarding and formative experience, it has granted me the opportunity to work and become friends with some of the most creative, passionate, and fun people I’ve ever met. Whilst it requires tireless commitment and dedication, the time spent on DUCFS does not feel like work at all. It is enjoyable, diverse and of course, incredulously gratifying as you know that all the time and energy you put into it amounts to an astounding contribution to charity, and also a creative spectacle like no other put on by students. It is rare as a student to get a chance to have such autonomy and scope on a project. I honestly cannot recommend it enough, and would encourage others to believe in their abilities and apply for President, it may seem daunting but you CAN do it!


Hetty Hodgson, Vice-president (Logistics)

Being part of DUCFS is by far one of the best experiences I have ever had. The sheer scale and scope of what DUCFS has to offer, and what you can do with DUCFS is unlike anything else in Durham. I feel extremely lucky to have been surrounded by the most amazing exec of talented, passionate, driven and creative individuals who I am now lucky enough to call some of my closest friends. Being part of the presidential committee is extremely special in that we were able to oversee all aspects of DUCFS, and, really, ‘the sky’s the limit’ in that DUCFS is such an amazing platform to do take it wherever you want it to go! Whilst hours and hours of hard work each day went into DUCFS since last May, I would have it no other way: working along such an inspirational team to put on an amazing event and being part of such an exciting movement does not feel like work at all.


Jemima Bunbury, Vice-President (Creative)

Being a part of the largest student-run fundraising event in the UK is without a doubt my proudest achievement so far, and has had the hugest impact on my time at Durham. It has provided me with creative opportunities, and I have felt so incredibly lucky to work alongside the most talented, dedicated and hard-working team, many of whom I would now call my best friends. There is such a diversity of roles and skills required, so there is sure to be a role to suit anybody who is dedicated, driven and hard-working. DUCFS has totally consumed the past 9 months of my life, and isn't for anyone who is unwilling to commit the time to it, but for those who do the pay off is huge! Raising £150,000 for charity kind of huge! I can't wait to see your applications!


Jack Dobson, Visuals Director/Videographer/Tech Director

DUCFS is unlike any other opportunity at Durham. No other event or initiative offers such a wide range of opportunities to develop your skillset, gain new experiences, and pursue your passions, all for such a worthy cause. DUCFS has honestly been a journey for me and I’ve emerged more confident than I’ve ever been, having tried so many new things and had the chance to prove myself in new areas. However, the most important aspect for me has been the people I’ve had the joy of working with. DUCFS brings together a team of the most talented, loving and supportive students I’ve ever encountered, all working towards something we’re all so genuinely passionate about. If you’re thinking of applying just to add another line to your CV, DUCFS isn’t for you. This is something to throw yourself into, to challenge yourself and be proud to be a part of. DUCFS is quite simply the most incredible thing I’ve done at Durham. Need I say more?


Celine Bradley, Logistics Director (Campaign)

DUCFS is hands down the best thing I’ve been involved with at uni. The entire thing is one big logistical nightmare, but it was so rewarding; I wouldn’t take back the hundreds of emails and panicked phone calls (snow on show day, am I right?) for the world. The rest of the exec were an absolute dream, as is my new and improved CV. I recommend logistics to anyone who is organised and can reliably get shit done. The skills you learn, whether it’s negotiation, last minute damage control or just generally being the exec’s admin bitch have set me up for life- come at me future employers.


Alice Buchanan, Marketing Director

I’m not all-together sure what it was that persuaded me to apply for the DUCFS exec, but I can honestly say it has defined my uni experience, so I am unbelievably glad that I went for it and applied. The fact that you’re a part of the largest student-led charity event in the UK doesn’t really sink in until you’re seeing the lights go down for the first time, or on stage hearing the final total, but the nine months of preparation- the meetings, emails, phone calls, rehearsals but also socials, pub seshes and events, are rewarding enough. I have met the most incredible people through doing DUCFS and I am in awe of their talent every single day. My heart (and CV) are a lot fuller than they were when we started the process last May, and I could not be prouder of what we managed to pull off. If you’re similarly itching to put a serious amount of effort into a cause that will make a significant difference then DUCFS is the place for you!!


Chloe Smith, Fashion Director

DUCFS 2019 has undoubtedly been the best part about my time at Durham so far. Being Fashion Director required a lot of hard work and commitment from the very beginning, but it was so rewarding in so many ways. Working with such a dedicated and talented group of people, who quickly became really close friends, to raise £150k is such a special and unique experience. I cannot recommend DUCFS enough if you want to be part of something that demonstrates the power and impact of a unified student movement.

Will Hirtzel, Sponsorship Director (Product)

Being a part of DUCFS 2019 has been to date the most fulfilling experience of my time at Durham, with our support of EJF's work defining the entire movement. It is very rare to have such fantastic coherence within a large committee and to have opportunities for creativity and management within any role of the Exec. Becoming a member of the committee is a unique chance to work with an incredible group of people, gain professional events management experience, and achieve meaningful change for a worthy cause. In Durham, it would be fantastic to see a greater male interest in DUCFS - the Exec has a wide variety of roles, and truly offers something for everyone.

The DUCFS Exec