DUCFS - Term One Round-up

It’s been a busy term for DUCFS. We’ve been so amazed and excited to see how much everyone from students to lecturers to locals have been engaging with the movement towards a more sustainable future in support of the Environmental Justice Foundation. Our main aim for DUCFS 2019 is that sustainability will become integrated into student practices and ideologies in Durham, and thanks to your support in both the show itself, and the other events and social media campaigns that we have created, we really feel that this is being achieved already. Here are a few of the things we’re most proud of:

Ticket Sales

Hetty Hodgson, Vice President Operations:

“Expanding to three nights this year is an extremely exciting feat, not only does it allow more people the ability to nab themselves a ticket to the best social event Durham has to offer, but above all it allows us to raise more money for EJF. That’s why we were so excited that just under 3,000 tickets for three nights sold out in just a matter of seconds and we can’t wait to welcome everyone to the show over three days - it’s going to be massive! Thank you to everyone for your support of the Environmental Justice Foundation, ticket sales are the largest single income we have so it’s amazing to have sold out so quickly.”

Clothes Swap

Scarlett Regan, Charities officer:

'The clothes swap was a hugely successful event back in October, where students exchanged clothes in an act of environmentalism. 'One man's trash, another man's treasure' was really the case, as lucky swappers found great pieces to add some newness to their wardrobe without costing the planet.’

Big Give Christmas appeal

Sasha Reviakin, Head of PR and Marketing:

“EJF surpassed their target of raising £8000 through the Big Give Christmas Challenge and DUCFS was able to contribute an impressive £5,445 to that. We could never have achieved that without all the generous donations made, T-shirts bought and events attended. This support was incredibly motivating for the DUCFS team and gave us a huge boost of Christmas cheer. It shows that people are fed up with how we’re treating our environment. It shows shows that people are aware of the impact our consumer choices have. And it shows that people are ready to make a change.”


Jack Dobson, Visual Director & Videographer:

“DUCFS 2019 has broken new creative ground this term. With a greater range of content and events than any previous year, the concept of DUCFS as a movement has been realised to great effect. Our theme release video was the first glimpse into the extensive creative vision for the show, taking DUCFS in a new visual direction. Reaching over 50,000 viewers across social media, the anticipation it sparked has continued to grow throughout the term. Video content has been a key part of our marketing for DUCFS 2019, with our club event promos, compere video and charity reveal all reaching wider audiences than ever before. This all sets the scene for the event itself next term, which is set to be the most visually striking and ambitious show yet.”


Ilona Phillips, Creative Director:

“That the whole process of making the tee-shirts was completely sustainable was really important to us: it was really exciting to have the creative freedom to design something that would express everything DUCFS stands for this year in one glance - I think it’s really great to show that being sustainable does not in any way mean going cold turkey on consumption!

Arts Showcase

Phoebe Fenton, Arts Director:

“In early December DUCFS collaborated with the Durham inter-arts platform, Thorn, for an evening of creativity, entertainment and charitable fundraising. Themed RETRACE, the event displayed original creative responses to sustainability, within the mediums of art, photography, videography, spoken word, live music, and even ballet. Steeped in mulled cider, festive cheer, and the heady aura of artistic inspiration, on the 6th December the packed Library Terrace demonstrated the essential mutuality of art and environmental activism.”

Local Outreach

Will Hirtzel, Sponsorship Director (Product)

“DUCFS was involved with some exciting local outreach this term. For example, having the opportunity to help the Friends of Wharton Park in the beautiful community garden was incredible.  It was great to see how much care goes into Durham's environmental projects and to feel part of the local community outside of university life. All of the DUCFS team were so grateful to have been welcomed into the garden. Looking forward, we will be carrying out voluntary work on the Cathedral’s woodland and riverbanks, to help maintain and conserve this historically important woodland that forms the setting for the Durham World Heritage Site.  I personally can’t wait for some more green fingered fun!”


Hetty Hodgson, Vice President (Operations)

“We are so grateful to all the sponsors who have collaborated with DUCFS 2019. As DUCFS strives to be more than the three nights of the show, we have aimed to create a platform for both our financial and product sponsors which helps to publicise their brand amongst Durham Students. A shoutout surely must go to Deliciously Ella who has fuelled our exec through meeting after meeting (on top of our guests to our clothes swap and freshers fair stall!). We have had numerous competitions with prizes from The Boat House, Tango, Summerdown Mint, WHP, Sipsmith and many many more. We can’t wait to see what treats all our product sponsors have for us at the show. Not only this, we have excelled in gaining financial sponsorship, and we are especially excited that many of our financial sponsors this year are based in Durham, from Student Castle to Tango to DUWIB and DUFS to Student Roost - we are so excited to be promoting some amazing Durham Businesses as well as many more national companies.”

The DUCFS Exec