DUCFS, Modelling, and Body Positivity

DUCFS is the largest creative event in Durham and the largest student-led fundraiser in the UK. It's your last chance this weekend to join this movement as a model in the show and help tackle the environmental crisis we face by supporting the Environmental Justice Foundation.

This year we’re working to make DUCFS an inclusive, body-positive environment. Already, we have removed the underwear aspect from the audition process, and we are collaborating with Mary’s and other college welfares for a week of body positivity. The exec has expanded to include a charity/welfare officer - Scarlett Regan- to be a port of call for the models and exec throughout the year.

Modelling has a reputation, doesn’t it? A reputation for only being for people who “fit a look”. We’ve heard it as we’ve been going around Durham scouting people. The “I couldn’t do that.” “It’s really not for me.” People we think are absolutely stunning, but who aren’t confident that they can do it.

What’s really nice as a student fashion show is that we can engage such a wide range of people. We’re not looking for professional models, or any specific body type. We’re looking for expressive people who want to be part of this movement, walk for a cause, and wear pieces from some of the most exciting sustainable designers out there.

One of the most difficult things for us in terms of inclusivity is encouraging everyone to come along to the auditions from the outset. If people don’t come because they’re worried they don’t fit a preconceived inaccurate notion of what we’re ‘looking for’, then we all lose out. So go out there and tell your friends to come to model auditions today.

If anything else it will be a fun way to spend your Sunday!

Sasha Reviakin