We are overwhelmingly proud that we are able to give a record-breaking £150,000 to further the work of EJF. But DUCFS 2019 has not just been about the show and the money raised. A movement like this allows us to encourage activism among the UK student population and beyond to bring about a tangible change of attitudes. If we can inspire more people to question how they consume and translate that into action, then we have achieved our goal.
— Pippa Tatton-Brown, President 2019


Who we are

The Durham University Charity Fashion Show is the largest student-led event in the country.

This year the movement celebrated an executive committee of 26 members and 50 models, raising £150, 000 for the Environmental Justice Foundation and campaigning for a shift in attitudes around environmental sustainability.



what we do

DUCFS is a celebration of creativity, art, and fashion. The main show brought together sustainable designers such as George Clarke, Christopher Raeburn and Larissa von Planta. We put on seven pre-show events including a Clothes Swap and a Festival of Sustainability; welcoming high-profile speakers such as Lucinda Chambers, ex-Fashion Editor at Vogue.




Our position as the largest student fundraiser in the UK and a fashion show demands an acknowledgement of the environmental and social impacts of the fast fashion industry. We are proud to be supporting the Environmental Justice Foundation, a charity whose fundamental belief in environmental security as a basic human right has propelled their work to the forefront of global environmental politics.

It gives us great pleasure to announce this year’s theme ‘The Thread’. Fashion is a symbol of creativity, self-expression and empowerment. It should not cost the planet or enslave its population. As individuals in the wider social fabric we can create a tangible change. This year, DUCFS encourages individuals to question the choices they make, to consume consciously, go against the grain and #pullthethread.